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Welcome back folks!  The next reason you should have comprehensive T&C does not apply to all readers of TravelPeople but if you deal with any of the topics addressed below, please take note!

Issues that have in my experience given rise to many, many 'altercations' with clients are the following and please deal with each of them in your T&C as suggested below: passports, visas, health and insurance.

Do NOT get involved in ANY way with any of these issues - make it quite clear that these matters that have to be dealt with by specialists and that you cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any aspect thereof and that is sole the responsibility of the client.

Each client especially more senior clients and if there are any forms of strenuous activity involved in the itinerary must be made aware thereof and accept accountability for obtaining clearance from their GP before confirming the booking.

Insurance is crucial - don't use the words 'recommended'. Rather say it is a prerequisite and compulsory for all persons in the party to have comprehensive cover and that unless they have it, the booking will be declined.

More about CPA & POPI(A) next time.

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July 16 2020

DISCLAIMER - Each case depends on its own facts & merits - the above does not constitute advice - independent advice should be obtained in all instances
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