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Welcome back folks - the next reason you should have comprehensive T&C dealing with the current 'buzz words' namely Force Majeure ('FM').

It should be noted at the outset you cannot rely on FM UNLESS you have a clause to that effect in your T&C. If that is not the case, the common law vis major will apply - it also relates to impossibility of performance but is not quite the same thing & I will address this in a more detailed article that will be published shortly.

Your FM clause must relate to causes that are natural and unavoidable catastrophes that results in either or both party(ies) not being able to fulfill their contractual obligations. It must not be due to the fault of the party relying on the FM. Notice by the latter party must be given to the other party. It is helpful to list events that may constitute FM including a so called 'catch all' clause to deal with possible causes that may have been omitted.

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July 16 2020

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