On 16 February 2024, the Minister of Tourism Gazetted a “General notice calling for submission of information from South African Tourism Businesses in terms of section 6(2) of the Act”. 

Tourism Businesses in all Provinces must submit information relating to their business by latest 24 April 2024

Who must submit information?

Tourism Businesses whose primary activities fall under the following subsectors: 

Tourism Businesses whose primary activities fall under the following subsectors:

1.  Accommodation

2.  Restaurants and Similar Services

3.  Exhibitions and Special Events

4.  Attractions and Activities (including Entertainment and Beauty Lifestyle Businesses)

5.  Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and Other Related Services

6.  Passenger Transport Services

7.  Tourism Information Services

8.  Cultural Services

9.  Other Tourism Related Services

What Information must be submitted:

Contact details:

1.  Registered name

2.  Trading name

3.  CIPC Registration number

4.  Contact person

5.  Telephone number (landline or cell)

6.  E-mail address

7.  Website address

Geographic details:

1.  Province where tourism business operates

2.  Metro/local municipality where tourism business operates

3.  Physical address of the tourism business, including:

·    Street Number

·    Street Name

·    Suburb, township, village or farm

·    City/Town

·    GPS Coordinates

Ownership and size of the business:

1.  B-BBEE Level

2.  Type of Ownership

3.  Size of Business in terms of Annual Revenue (Micro, Small, Medium or Large Enterprise)

4.  Number of permanent jobs and salary bill

5.  Number of estimated temporary jobs and salary bill

Grading and nature of services or facilities offered by the business:

1.  Type of Tourism Business

2.  Grading Level

3.  Facilities catering for people with disabilities (wheelchair ramp, parking, braille facilities, etc)

4.  Other facilities available

Where can you submit?

Submit Online HERE

OR Download the Form HERE, complete it and send it to ntims@tourism.gov.za

Where to find more information?

E-mail any queries to ntims@tourism.gov.za and visit the Department’s website HERE

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