Dear Exhibitor,

CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (‘CPA’) NOTICE – Please read the following carefully & proceed accordingly:


1. Please peruse our website at your leisure. However, if in the process of perusing our website you come across anything that is not clear, please go to our ‘FAQ’ link as it may clarify what you are not sure about.

2. If you are still in a quandary, then please CONTACT Louise on or telephone (021)975 5377. This is in order to clarify any misapprehension you may have as required by section 41 of the CPA.


  • The CPA in section 49 (1) requires of us to bring to your attention certain aspects – we’ve done that by underlining certain clauses
  • The CPA in section 49 (2) also requires of us to ‘Spell out’ risk(s) of certain aspects & activities – these clauses have a !* next to it & requires you to tick same as read, explained, understood & accepted – if any of these are still not clear or you need any further explanation, DO NOT accept the T&C & go to ‘ONLY AN ENQUIRY’ above & follow those steps
  • The CPA in section 41 also requires of us to clarify ‘any apparent misapprehension’ you may have – if you have such a ‘misapprehension’ DO NOT accept the T&C & go to ‘ONLY AN ENQUIRY’ above & follow those steps
  • If anything is STILL not clear or you STILL have a ’misapprehension’ or FAQ has not answered your question(s), mail or phone us AGAIN BEFORE completing any ‘tick box’
  • If you are finally satisfied that all your queries have been addressed to your satisfaction, then (a) Read the T&C, (b) Tick in acceptance of T&C & (c) proceed.



In agreeing to attend any one or more of the Connection Sessions hosted by TravelPeople from time to time, the Exhibitor agrees to the following:

1. ACCEPTANCE: the online registration, acceptance email OR correspondence in any form, from the Exhibitor, duly acknowledged by TravelPeople, constitutes a binding agreement to attend the Connection Session and the relationship between the parties will be governed exclusively by these terms and conditions (‘T&C’) and the online registration, acceptance email OR correspondence in any form which will collectively constitute the sole contract between the parties.


3. ADDENDUMS: Any changes/addendums formally made in writing or electronically by either party will automatically form part of this contract, provided that in the case of a request by the exhibitor, TravelPeople has formally (in writing or electronically) accepted the changes/addendums.

4. PAYMENT: That the full amount due per Connection Session is payable in advance of each individual Connection Session. All outstanding Connection Session fees have to be settled by at least one week prior to each Connection Session.

5. CANCELLATION: Should the exhibitor cancel less than 30 (Thirty) days prior to the Connection Session the full amount of the balance due will be payable as a cancellation fee. Exhibitors who register to participate in a Connection Session 30 (Thirty) days or less prior to the date of the Connection Session is due to take place will (a) be liable for the full amount upon registration and (2) if any such exhibitor subsequently cancels at any time, such exhibitor will automatically forfeit the full amount as a cancellation fee.

6. That TravelPeople reserves the right to cancel the booked table without notice should Clauses 1 – 4 not be fulfilled, in which event the full balance due will be payable as a cancellation fee [as per Clause 5].

7. NUMBER OF EXHIBITORS: The cost per session of the specific Connection Session signed up for covers the catering provided on the day for a maximum of 2 exhibitors. All workshops include a buffet lunch / breakfast as well as tea/coffee breaks. Any additional catering will be for the exhibitor’s own account.

8. SHARING: The sharing of a table is permitted, however one of the companies must make the commitment and take full financial responsibility for the cost of the workshop, failing which the request cannot be confirmed. Only one invoice will be issued per table.


1.1 Please note that each venue has its own rules and regulations by which you undertake to abide;

1.2 Any right of recourse that you may have for any claim that may arise from your visit to the venue from any cause whatsoever, will be against the venue and you indemnify TravelPeople accordingly; !*

1.3 Likewise you will be liable directly to the venue for any loss of or damage to any property of the venue that may be attributable to your act or omission and you indemnify TravelPeople accordingly. !*

1.4 TravelPeople cannot be held liable for any loss of or damage to any of your equipment; display material or personal items whatsoever from any cause howsoever arising and you indemnify TravelPeople accordingly. !*

1.5 Once you have booked a Connection Session and the cancellation period as per Clause 5 has expired, you are obliged to attend. If you fail to do so, whether or not due to force majeure or circumstances beyond your control, you remain liable in terms of the cancellation policy [see Clause 5].

1.6 Any monies outstanding will attract cumulative interest from due date at a rate 2% above the prime rate charged to TravelPeople by its bank.

1.7 You will be liable for all legal fees for an attorney and own client scale in the event that TravelPeople has to engage a lawyer to enforce any of its rights or otherwise.

1.8 You will treat in the strictest confidence, use for your own business purposes only, not share with third parties and not sell any list of the names of anticipated guests and / the Excel database of all the agents’ contact details who attended.

1.9 You give your permission to TravelPeople to disseminate to other guests and agents your full details and that of your business.

VENUES: Will be notified prior to each workshop and are subject to change in accordance with our requirements. TravelPeople will use its best endeavours to give you as much prior notice as possible, but you will have no claim whatsoever against TravelPeople for monies paid in advance or otherwise for any such change.

By completing and submitting your application you confirm that you understand the T&C and agree to be bound thereby and, if accepted on behalf of a separate legal entity, that you are duly authorized to do so on behalf of such entity.

CPA NOTICE – Please read the following carefully & proceed accordingly:

Your confirmation of your participation in the Connection Session specified herein means that (1) our terms and conditions (‘the TravelPeople T&C’) have been made available to you via our website ( (2) you have read, understand, discussed any misapprehension(s) with a TravelPeople representative and that if you had any such misapprehension it has been explained to your satisfaction, (3) onerous clauses have been brought to your attention, abnormal and dangerous risks have been explained to you and (4) you agree to be bound by the TravelPeople T&C’

  • Each clause marked !* & ticked means you have read the clause, the risk has been explained to you, you understand & accept it
  • If you are satisfied with that then please print and sign this page and return it to TravelPeople via e-mail or fax, as part of user registration, indicating that you accept and agree to be bound by all the above T&C

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