March 20, 2024


In our commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure travel experience in South Africa, SATSA has compiled a series of trade advisories designed to address current concerns and enhance the safety and comfort of your journey. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find:

  • Election Season Insight: With South Africa poised for its 2024 general elections, our advisory offers a comprehensive guide on what travellers can expect during this significant period. Find out more about the measures in place to ensure a peaceful and orderly process. Read the Election Advisory.
  • Water Supply Update for Gauteng: Amid concerns over potential water supply issues in Gauteng, we provide reassurance and updates on the situation, ensuring your stay in Johannesburg remains unaffected. Read the Water Supply Advisory.
  • Cholera FAQ for Southern Africa: Addressing the cholera outbreak in Southern Africa, our FAQ offers critical information on the situation, including prevention tips and safety advice for travellers. Read the Cholera FAQ.
  • Navigating ATM and Card Scams: Recent reports of ATM and card scams targeting tourists have prompted us to issue an advisory on staying vigilant and secure. Learn about the modus operandi of these scams and how to protect yourself. Read the ATM and Card Scams Advisory.
  • Self-Drive Safely in South Africa: For those embarking on a self-drive adventure, our guide covers essential safety tips, from navigating local roads to dealing with breakdowns and ensuring vehicle security. Read the Self-Drive FAQ.
  • Crisis Communications on Tourist Safety: In light of concerns over tourist safety and security, we’ve prepared statements to reassure travelers of the measures in place to ensure their well-being while exploring South Africa. Read the Safety and Security Communication.

Each link provides detailed advice, practical tips, and contact information to assist you in informing your customers about travel to South Africa. 

Should you require additional trade advisories, please email

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