1. What is the purpose of the TravelPeople Connection Sessions?

Answer: The sessions serve as a marketing platform for the participating exhibitors. The exhibitors all represent an accommodation / conferencing product or a tourist attraction / activity.

2. How long in advance do I need to book to participate as an Exhibitor in a Connection Session?

Answer: Invitations to the sessions go out a month prior to each workshop, and the buyers base their decision on whether to attend a session on the names of the Exhibitors listed at the top of the invitation, so it is recommended to confirm your participation at least prior to the invitation going out.

3. How long before a Connection Session does payment need to be made?

Answer: The full amount due per Connection Session is payable at least one week prior to each individual Connection Session. 

4. Will TravelPeople book my flights and accommodation and is this included in the price?

Answer: No, the fees only include the price of your participation in the session including catering for up to two (2) Exhibitors on the day. Flight & accommodation costs are for your own account. TravelPeople does however try to assist with obtaining a favourable accommodation rate from the venue where possible.

5. Who are invited to attend the Connection Sessions?

Answer: Tour operators, travel agents, conference/event organisers and corporate secretaries who do bookings for their company are invited to attend. TravelPeople sends out invitations to the entire database of buyers in each city.

6. Is there a cost involved for the buyers to attend?

Answer: No, the Connection Sessions are complimentary to qualified buyers and it includes a lucky prize draw and a buffet lunch.

7. Am I allowed to share a table with another property/tourism product?

Answer: Yes, sharing is allowed, as long as one company makes the commitment and takes full financial responsibility. We unfortunately do not split invoices.

8. How many Exhibitors may we have at the Connection Sessions?

Answer: The fee includes the catering costs for up to two (2) Exhibitors. An extra catering fee will be charged for any additional exhibitors.

9. What do I have to bring to the Connection Session?

Answer: You are welcome to bring a pull-up banner and brochure packs / marketing material as well as anything else to decorate your table. Please also bring a prize for the lucky prize draw and an extension cord & double adaptor for your laptop.

10. How long does my presentation have to be?

Answer: The allocated time that you have with each group in front of you is usually 7-9 minutes.

11. Do I need to collect business cards from the buyers during the session?

Answer: No, TravelPeople will forward you the full database of everyone who attended the session afterwards.

12. Will it be in order for me to leave the session earlier to catch a flight or attend a meeting?

Answer: No, the format of the sessions unfortunately does not allow you to leave earlier than the specified time of the session.

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